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Poster: agstwst33 Date: Jun 9, 2010 11:22am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If your first time had been different??????????

I don`t see how any show could be,"not great!"For any venue,that had Jerry at the helm,leading the musical,psycadelic-parade of magic into a night,as black as the Abyss,as thousands danced,amidst dreams and promises,was a great time,to say the least!..Yes,we had to make money,to be able to experience that spectacle,"a show."So,many,like myself,with knowledge of the large sums of cash that was attainable from turning a few custies on to the,"chemistry set," in my pocket,turned to illegal transactions of,"paper"and/or"fungus,"and made,literally,thousands.Sometimes,in just one afternoon.I know myself,I had already dabbled with ."LSD"and pot prior to my first show,so I never really saw the way that some do,with speaking of The Grateful Dead and drugs in the same sentence.For me,it was separate.Eating a ten strip or two,just to enter that parallel "lot,"where all that was left to do,was Smile,smile,smile.And when you felt like all was where it should be,you buy a ticket and treat your ears"and eyes,"to the greatest,traveling,music-making group ever!It was like eating your favorite dessert after dinner,that`s how I thought of my day.Long days,chasing down out-of-towners,who`s night I intended to,make"seem like will last forever."Earning enough dough to eat,buy gas,take a shower and always making sure,To see Jerry that night...Then do it all again.6/25/93 at R.F.K Stadium,at the 1st twinge of Jerry`s guitar opening into,"Half-Step Mississippi."I knew that the rest of my days,would be spent guessing the next set openers or having the yearning to always pick apart the Band`s tuning between songs,Just to know what would be the next tune that would erge these bonez to laugh,dance and cry...I can`t see how I wouldn`t of felt the need to follow the sounds produced byThe good`ole Grateful Dead.